IEEE Sensors Council Gujarat Section

IEEE Sensors Council Gujarat Section

IEEE Sensors Council Gujarat Section

Recent Trends – Sensing in Agriculture

Date : 
5 May 2023
Venue: DA-IICT, Gandhinagar, India
Speaker Name: Dr. Vinay Palaparthy
Speaker Affiliation: DA-IICT

In-field sensors for precise irrigation

Speaker Name: Mr. Anup Shah
Speaker Affiliation: Insignex

Challenges in automation

Speaker Name: Dr. Yogesh Jadeja
Speaker Affiliation: Director, ACT

Arid Communities and Technologies

Speaker Name: Dr. Hitesh Borkar
Speaker Affiliation: NIT Warangal

Nanomaterials for Agri-sensors

Speaker Name: Dr. Ranendu Ghosh
Speaker Affiliation: DA-IICT

Heavy metal detection using Image methods

Overview: Precision farming is the need of the time to address food security for the region, nation and world. Different sensors are the most critical and integral part of precision irrigation, nutrient-management and crop health monitoring. Data driven decision making for improving quality and quantity of yield would most likely get best results in this multi-variable problem, where few of the variables are very hard to control if not impossible.

During second half of workshop, we also had live demo of products in development from industry and labs of the academia, which included sensors being developed in the lab to its applications in green-house controller to weather stations for open farm.

1. IEEE vTools EVENTS ( - Abstract and speaker biography
2. Total participants: 80
3. Mode of event: On-site with hands-on
4. Sponsors: IEEE Sensors Council & IEEE Gujarat Section

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